Meet the Founder of Aging Defeated

Lee Euler's journey into the world of natural health began in college, where he faced health issues that nearly derailed his studies. He discovered that doctors often overlook gut health, preferring to prescribe medications for symptoms rather than identifying root causes.

This experience led him to explore natural remedies, which not only shaped his personal health journey but also inspired his career as an advocate for health freedom and natural healing.

Lee is a leading writer and publisher in the natural health sector. His work, which includes publishing five popular newsletters and producing the acclaimed documentary Awakening from Alzheimer’s, has impacted millions.

At Aging Defeated, Lee applies scientific rigor to natural remedies. His team meticulously researches healing herbs and plant extracts. Their commitment to years of research ensures that their supplements are potent and pure, featuring clinically studied ingredients in precise doses, adhering to strict quality standards.

Drawing from his own transformative experience with natural healing, Lee combines personal insight and expert knowledge at Aging Defeated. His goal is to empower others to take control of their health.