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Discover the Natural, Relaxing Way to Boost Your Fountain-of-Youth Hormone by 142 Percent

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Discover the Natural, Relaxing Way to Boost Your Fountain-of-Youth Hormone by 142 Percent about undefined
[Editor’s Note: Part one of this article covered how infrared saunas have been clinically shown to cut the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and even burn 600 calories. To review part one, please click here.]

Most of us don't sweat enough regularly. We live in air conditioned homes, cars, and offices. We use antiperspirants, and most of us don't exercise enough.

The problem with this lifestyle is that your body was designed to sweat. And sweat is a key way to cleanse your body. A far-infrared sauna is one of the best ways to help.

One thing I can tell you from personal experience is you sweat like crazy in an infrared sauna. And the studies show it significantly eliminates a wide range of toxins such as mercury, cadmium, lead, and others.1 The deep penetration of infrared heat releases toxins from the fat layers just beneath the skin. It also helps your body eliminate toxins from your internal organs. These toxins pass from the organs to the fat tissue under the skin. Then they’re eliminated in perspiration.

To see how this works, researchers analyzed and compared the sweat from both traditional and infrared saunas. Sweat from traditional saunas was about 97 percent water and three percent toxins. Infrared saunas produced a sweat that was only 80 to 85 percent water. The remaining 15 to 20 percent was made up of heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia, uric acid and fat-soluble toxins.2,3 Once you realize your body has all that junk in it, I think you can see the point of doing what I do: Get yourself a home infrared sauna and use it regularly. That’s what I did, and I’m a firm believer in this therapy.

Infrared saunas are powerful because they're such a simple, easy way to detox compared to fasting, exercise, colon cleansing, and other detox therapies.

Increase Human Growth Hormone By 142 Percent

A study published in the journal Annals of Clinical Research showed that saunas increased levels of human growth hormone (hGH) by an average of 142 percent during the sauna sessions.

Many longevity experts refer to hGH as “the fountain-of-youth hormone” for its remarkable ability to help the body heal and repair and grow new cells to revitalize aging organs and tissues.4 Muscle builders and athletes work hard to keep their hGH levels elevated, but you can just relax in a sauna!

70 Percent Less Pain After Just One Session

Infrared rays also help you naturally reduce pain and inflammation. Infrared sauna heat works by penetrating joints, muscles and tissues. It increases circulation, and boosts oxygen flow to the tissues. Infrared saunas provide proven relief for sports injuries, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, joint pain/stiffness and other chronic pain conditions.

They are not a magical cure for these conditions, but they are a huge help.

A recent study published in Internal Medicine, showed that patients with chronic pain saw their pain levels drop by nearly 70 percent after their first session of infrared sauna therapy. Pain scores remained low throughout the observation period.5

Reduce Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Infrared saunas have been clinically shown to provide one of the best, natural ways to lower blood pressure. In a 2005 clinical study by the University of Missouri Kansas City, infrared saunas were shown to lower blood pressure when the participants took part in a program of 30-minute infrared sauna sessions just three times per week.

The study concluded that infrared sauna therapy opened blood vessels and reduced the thickness of their inner lining. This increased circulation and promoted healthy blood pressure.6

How Infrared Saunas Work

Ever get in a car on a sunny day in winter? Wonder how it feels so warm inside when the air outside is freezing? That's the infrared light from the sun.

In a similar way, infrared saunas penetrate 1.5 to two inches below your skin to detoxify and revitalize your cells. This produces a deep, detoxifying sweat that eliminates toxins at the cellular level. Infrared energy is powerful, yet it’s so safe it’s used in hospitals to warm newborn infants.

The Healing Difference of Full-Spectrum Saunas

Most infrared saunas on the market produce only far infrared. However, a more-recent development in the field is full-spectrum infrared. This type of sauna provides all the benefits associated with far, mid, and near-infrared rays.

Different wavelengths of infrared energy have different healing effects. For example, near infrared works better for pain relief and far infrared is more effective for weight loss. (See chart at right.) Full-spectrum saunas give you a clinically researched mix of far, mid, and near-infrared rays for targeted healing.

How to Use Infrared Saunas

If you're already in good health, a 30 to 40 minute sauna session three or more times a week will do. Or if you're trying to heal a specific health condition, some doctors prescribe daily or even multiple sessions each day. It’s always important to talk to your physician before beginning sauna therapy. You can try an infrared sauna at a local health club or spa. Some massage therapists also provide them. A typical fee is $30 to $45 per 30-minute session.

I also recommend purchasing one yourself. An excellent, cutting-edge manufacturer is Sunlighten, offering clinically backed 3-in-1 infrared and full-spectrum saunas with a simple plug-and-heat design for easy home installation. Visit their website or call 1-877-292-0020.

Another reputable (albeit more expensive) brand is TheraSauna.

Infrared saunas, with their myriad health benefits, are definitely an at-home therapy option worth checking out.

If you decide to contact these companies please mention that you read about infrared saunas in this Aging Defeated newsletter. But be aware that these companies can’t give you advice about the benefits of infrared sauna for treatment and prevention of diseases. It’s against the law for them to do that. That’s why this newsletter is so important to your good health.
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