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No one wants to lose their vision. Because as soon as it worsens, life gets a whole lot harder.

Suddenly, you have to depend on other people to do things for you – like driving to the bank or going to the grocery store.

But this doesn’t have to be your story. Because research shows that eating more of a certain tangy fruit can save your vision – and your independence – even as you age.

And the best part? You can pick it up at your neighborhood grocery store.

I’m talking about the humble orange.

You might be surprised to discover that oranges were once not so humble, as they were considered a delicacy and only available to royalty. Their relative scarcity outside of Asia made them a treasure to Kings in 17th century Europe, such as King Louis XIV. King Louis reportedly had silver-potted orange trees throughout the palace of Versailles as well as France’s finest Orangerie, where gardeners cultivated his beloved orange year around.

Luckily, oranges aren’t scarce any longer. These days, just about anyone can get their hands on an orange any time they want.

And that’s a great thing… if you want to keep your vision sharp.

Slash your risk of age-related macular degeneration by 60 percent

Scientists from Westmead Institute for Medical Research in Australia examined the diets of more than 2,000 seniors for 15 years, investigating the link between specific foods and age-related macular degeneration (AMD)– the top cause of blindness in seniors.

The results showed that participants who ate an orange a day decreased their risk of developing macular degeneration by 60 percent!

And there was more good news…

A deeper dive into the research showed that eating just one orange a week still gives you vision benefits.

“Essentially we found that people who eat at least one serving of orange every day have a reduced risk of developing macular degeneration compared with people who never eat oranges,” said Lead Researcher Associate Professor Bamini Gopinath from the University of Sydney. “Even eating an orange once a week seems to offer significant benefits.”1

What is the secret?

Oranges are effective against vision loss because they are packed with flavonoids – powerful antioxidants that lower inflammation and boost the immune system.

Interestingly, the research showed that the specific flavonoids found in oranges work best against vision loss.

"Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants found in almost all fruits and vegetables, and they have important anti-inflammatory benefits for the immune system. We examined common foods that contain flavonoids such as tea, apples, red wine and oranges, said Prof. Gopinath. "Significantly, the data did not show a relationship between other food sources protecting the eyes against the disease," she said.2

Start boosting your vision today!

There is currently no cure for AMD, making this research even more valuable for those of us who want to maintain crystal clear vision well into our golden years.

No specific type of orange was used in the study. Any type you enjoy – navel, cara cara, Valencia, etc. – will give your vision a boost.

Just be sure to go for the whole fruit and not just the juice, just like they did in this study.

If you don’t like oranges or don’t have access to fresh ones, you may consider a freeze-dried orange power. These supplements contain flavonoids and other powerful antioxidants that are beneficial to your eye health and overall vision.

You can also try Eye Vitality Plus…

This natural vision formula is powerful relief to refresh tired, dry eyes… reduce painful glare… and help your eyes adapt faster to lower light conditions. It also promotes clear vision day or night because it’s jam packed with antioxidant flavonoids—like the ones I just told you about—to nourish and protect your macular shield, your retina and your lens. Click here to learn more.

Best Regards,
The Aging Defeated Team
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