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How to Grow Three Years Younger in a Matter of Weeks

How to Grow Three Years Younger in a Matter of Weeks about undefined
A groundbreaking new clinical trial shows how you can lower your biological age by more than three years in a mere eight weeks.

But this breakthrough didn't come about through some new pharmaceutical discovery or medical procedure. Instead, the secret involved nothing more than a handful of dietary and lifestyle changes which we can all carry out by ourselves in the comfort of our own homes.

This age reversing breakthrough begins with a biological process known as methylation. Methylation is a process whereby one carbon atom and three hydrogen atoms (methyl group) are either added to or removed from a molecule, acting like an “on/off” switch to trigger the molecule to perform or stop performing a particular action.

This is a core process used by every cell in the body and impacts virtually every function.

Among its vast roles are cellular repair, the conversion of B vitamins into their active form, helping with the formation and maturation of blood cells, and the regulation of gene expression.

This last function, regulating gene expression, has far reaching implications for longevity.

The Horvath DNAmAge Clock 

Methylation changes that take place within the DNA over time are said to be the best biochemical markers of biological age yet discovered because they reflect accumulating damage to cells. This damage leads to loss of function and drives the diseases of aging.

The most validated way of measuring these methylation changes is through a test called the Horvath DNAmAge clock. This test is important because it’s considered a better predictor of all-cause mortality and multiple morbidities than our physical age, or the number of years since we were born.

Naturopath Kara Fitzgerald, together with assistance from other researchers at Yale and McGill Universities and the Helfgott Research Institute, Portland, Oregon, conducted a first-of-its-kind trial incorporating the Horvath DNAmAge clock to see if diet and lifestyle changes would have any meaningful impact on biological age.

For Dr. Fitzgerald and others who promote wiser lifestyle choices for better health and a longer life, the results were exciting.

Targeting Methylation Can Help You Grow Three Years Younger 

The trial included 43 participants between the ages of 50 and 72. Half of the individuals were randomized to be part of the control group and were offered no lifestyle advice. The other half, the lifestyle group, was given guidance on diet, exercise, sleep and relaxation. They were also given supplements of probiotics and phytonutrients.

In addition, the participants in the lifestyle group received support through regular lifestyle coaching sessions throughout the trial.

After eight weeks the lifestyle group enjoyed, on average, a more than three year decrease in their biological age compared to controls.

And by the end of the program, the DNAmAge of those in the lifestyle group decreased by an average 1.96 years, whereas the control group scored an average of 1.27 years older at the end of the study period.

"What is extremely exciting," commented Dr. Fitzgerald, "is that food and lifestyle practices, including specific nutrients and food compounds known to selectively alter DNA methylation, are able to have such an impact on those DNA methylation patterns we know predict aging and age-related disease.

"I believe that this, together with new possibilities for us all to measure and track our DNA methylation age, will provide significant new opportunities for both scientists and consumers."

How to Turn Back Your Own Aging Clock 

The diet used in the study was a low-glycemic, plant-based and keto leaning diet. The general advice was to eat organic food, when possible, stay hydrated, use healthy oils such as coconut, olive, flaxseed, and pumpkin seed, and in addition to avoid eating between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Weekly guidance was to eat three servings of liver, six ounces of animal protein (specifically grass-fed, pastured, organic and hormone/antibiotic-free), five to ten eggs, two cups of dark leafy greens, two cups of cruciferous vegetables, one to two medium beets, two servings of low glycemic fruit and four tablespoons each of pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Other recommended items included berries, herbs (such as turmeric, rosemary, garlic), green tea and oolong tea.

Of the two supplements taken, one combined organic vegetables and fruit, seeds, herbs, plant enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics. The other contained Lactobacillus plantarum.

The lifestyle protocol also consisted of 30 minutes of moderate exercise for at least five days per week, a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night, and breathing exercises for stress management. Follow this program and maybe you too will be able to reverse your own biological age and grow younger.

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