Movie & Sports Stars Embrace This Anti-Aging Therapy

Movie & Sports Stars Embrace This Anti-Aging Therapy about undefined

Former football star Hines Ward was pictured climbing out of one. Michael Jackson was filmed sleeping in one. A Beverly Hills clinic sends mobile versions to film and TV locations.

"It's impossible to work with the Hollywood stars and not have heard about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy" (HBOT) writes celebrity stylist George Bodwell.

He went on to use it for himself and found it sharpened him mentally, eliminated his allergies and rejuvenated his skin.

So what is HBOT and why are so many film stars and athletes using it?

Lowers Inflammation and Promotes Healing

Oxygen is arguably the body's most important element. It makes up 65% of our body weight and we can only go a few minutes without it.

Oxygen makes the energy that powers our brains and muscles. It switches genes on and off. It promotes the removal of waste products. It stimulates blood vessel growth. Oxygen deprivation causes cells to shut down and start to die; a shortage has even been linked to cancer.

HBOT is a treatment undertaken either in a small sealed chamber designed for sole occupancy or in a larger version that can accommodate several people. Within the chamber the air pressure is increased to up to three times normal, and pure oxygen is breathed.

It's not a new therapy. The first HBOT chamber was built in New York in 1861, but it wasn't medically approved until 1937 and even then only for decompression sickness.

Today the FDA approves it for 14 uses; from compromised skin grafts, to bone infections, to diabetic wounds that won't heal.

Sports stars use it because it accelerates recovery after injury.

The extra oxygen carried in the blood, tissues, and bodily fluids lowers inflammation and allows blood to flow more freely to fight infections and promote healing.

Hyperbaric specialist Daniel Rossignol MD equated a one hour treatment to taking 40 Motrin (ibuprofen), without the toxic response.

"You get increased oxygenation, decreased swelling, and decreased inflammation, all from one treatment."

Works Wonders For The Skin

But the main reason it's popular in Hollywood is because of the effect it has on your appearance.

Researchers from Loma Linda University School of Medicine writing in the medical journal Medical Gas Research stated that:

"Oxygen recently has been found to be an important component in skin rejuvenation...and improvement in skin complexions...

"Receiving regular treatment of HBOT is thought to increase skin elasticity and stimulate collagen production, leading to reduction of wrinkles and fine lines and improvement in skin texture."

Actress and singer/songwriter Taryn Manning describes the HBOT experience as "the most relaxing deep rest of my life. My skin was more radiant, my singing voice never sounded better. I have so much energy and feel rejuvenated."

But can it really extend your life?

According to TVs Dr Oz, it has the potential to do so because it mobilizes stem cells from the bone marrow and keeps them healthier. Stem cells are responsible for helping old or damaged tissues regenerate.

The number of chambers in the US has grown from under 30 in the early 1970's, found only in hospitals and health care clinics, to 1,350 today, located in spas, sports clubs, strip malls and alternative medicine offices.

So if you are interested in experiencing HBOT for yourself, you shouldn't have too far to travel.


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