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Restoring the "Third Eye" May Hold the Secret to the Fountain of Youth

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Restoring the "Third Eye" May Hold the Secret to the Fountain of Youth about undefined
Imagine an anti-aging treatment with the ability to dramatically improve physical performance, boost bone density by 80 percent and lower overall mortality rate by 28 percent in people aged 70 to 90.

It’s hard to believe, I know, but research praised by an anti-aging lecturer at Stanford University showed these exact results. I got my hands on the studies that inspired his enthusiasm, and everything seems to check out.

The treatment is reportedly resulting in “unbelievable outcomes,” and entails nothing more than improving your “third eye.” What’s your third eye? Glad you asked…

The “third eye,” or “mind’s eye,” in Eastern spiritual traditions is supposed to provide perception beyond ordinary sight.

The “third eye” includes your pineal gland, a pea-sized gland shaped like a pine cone that’s located deep within your brain, just above the center of your eyebrows.

Whether you believe your “third eye” can improve your powers of perception or not, your pineal gland is critical to the way you age.

Your pineal gland produces melatonin, the hormone that’s a major factor in setting circadian rhythm, which you probably know is our internal clock that tells the body when to sleep, wake, and eat.

Melatonin also regulates certain reproductive hormones, plays significant and multiple roles in the immune system, and has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Your Pineal Gland Ages First and Worst

Unfortunately, the pineal gland is said to have the highest calcification rate of any organ or tissue in the body, a process that leads to malfunctions linked to aging and age-related diseases. Some anti-aging doctors believe that restoring health to your pineal gland can slow the aging process.

Among those is Dr. Daniel Stickler, co-founder of The Apeiron Center for Human Potential and guest lecturer on Epigenetics in Clinical Practice at Stanford University. He uses a treatment called Epitalon, designed in Russia specifically to restore the pineal gland.

Reduced Human Mortality

In a human study conducted over six years in Russia, Epitalon vastly reduced mortality in the elderly compared to controls who did not receive the treatment. Another study over 12 years also produced impressive results.

Epitalon is shown to improve the function of the immune system and antioxidant system, as well as improve the utilization of glucose and increase the length of telomeres -- the protective caps at the ends of chromosomes. Longer telomeres are associated with an extended lifespan.

Dr. Stickler said the human studies produced "unbelievable outcomes."

"They had like eight times the improvement in physical performance activities and they had subjective well-being changes in these groups. 80 percent increase in bone density, 28 percent lower overall mortality in the group that was on it versus not,” said Dr. Stickler. "They saw between 16 and 33 percent increase in telomere length, and remember, this is in 70 to 90 year old people.”

How Epitalon Works

Russian medical doctor and opthalmologist, Vladimir Khavinson, discovered Epitalon back in 2000, after spending 20 years studying small chains of amino acids (peptides) that can target aging and age-related diseases.

He found that aging involves changes in gene expression and decreased production of peptides or proteins. This leads to disorders of protein synthesis and deterioration in organ function.

Dr. Khavinson’sEpitalon is a combination of peptides designed to interact with a specific part of a cell's DNA to regulate certain genes in the targeted tissues.

Each peptide, acting as a "gene switch," stimulates protein synthesis, resulting in tissue repair and restoration. As a result of Epitalon, Dr. Khavinson claims "the full life of an organ can be increased by 30 to 40 percent."

Restored Reproductive Function, Boosted Lifespan

Epitalon has demonstrated impressive results in bolstering the pineal gland in a large number of animal and human studies -- all conducted in Russia -- with no adverse effects.

For example, Epitalon restored reproductive function in geriatric rats and boosted the lifespan of fruit flies by up to 16 percent. It increased the maximum lifespan of rats by up to 95 days—the average life span of rats is 12 months to two years depending on the species— and raised the maximum lifespan of mice by 12.3 percent.

Epitalon was also shown to restore the healthy circadian cycle of melatonin and cortisol in old rhesus monkeys. Melatonin and cortisol are the two main hormones affecting circadian rhythms.

Epitalon is shown to modulate the immune system, up-regulate antioxidant systems, improve glucose utilization, display anti-cancer properties, and increase the length of telomeres.

Further explaining how this peptide treatment functions, Dr. Khavinson said, "peptides are able to direct the differentiation of pluripotent (stem) cells in a particular direction. It is known that every organ and tissue of the body contains 30 percent of undifferentiated or stem cells. This allows you to use the reserve capabilities of each tissue and thus restore its function even with very severe damage."

He’s suggesting that Epitalon is like stem cell therapy without the need for stem cells.

An Historic Discovery

Dr. Khavinson, who also serves as President of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (European Region), as well as consultant to the Tree of Life clinic in St. Petersburg, developed other peptide bioregulators in addition to Epitalon.

There are also similar treatments under development in the U.S. called biologics. They’re tiny strings of proteins that target specific tissues with laser-like precision to bring about healing.

Dr. Khavinson believes these peptide discoveries will go down in history, writing, "These discoveries are as important as the development of the atomic bomb. It is colossally significant for the whole of mankind."

Today, Epitalon is in use in the U.S.

Dr. Stickler uses Epitalon in his own practice, delivering it via injection to many of his clients, even those as young as 30, because of its potential to mitigate aging in its early stages.

According to Dr. Stickler, he’s seen “very positive results,” and since Epitalon “kick-starts the healing process,” it only needs to be utilized for 20 consecutive days every six months.

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