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This Amazing Protein Can Keep Your Body Healthy and Lengthen Your Life

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This Amazing Protein Can Keep Your Body Healthy and Lengthen Your Life about undefined
Have you made plans for your 150th birthday yet? Molecular biologist Marco Ruggiero has.

One year after taking the nutritional supplement he created, the 63-year-old scientist said his "bald patch has gone [and] I feel great." He describes his discovery as "the most powerful agent for human wellness available."

It’s a bold statement, but, as Dr. Ruggiero claims, his creation boosts production of a key anti-aging factor that decreases as we get older. It's called Klotho.

KLOTHO is a protein-coding gene that was first identified in 1992. Its variant, KL-VS, is life-extending and associated with an increase in Klotho protein levels in the blood.

Klotho protein functions as a circulating hormone in blood plasma and cerebrospinal fluid throughout one’s life and is regulated by vitamin D.

You’ll find high levels of Klotho protein in the brain and kidneys, but it’s also found in many other organs because it influences multiple aspects of body chemistry.

Extends the Life of Mice by 30 Percent 

Research published in 1997 found that a defect in KLOTHO (KL-VS) gene expression in mice resulted in a syndrome that resembled human aging. This process increased susceptibility to heart disease, osteoporosis, infertility, cognitive decline, and the mice had shorter lives.

In a 2005 study, increasing Klotho protein levels in mice extended their life by between 18.8 percent and 30.8 percent. The researchers found that Klotho protein increased resistance to insulin and insulin-like growth factor-1 signaling. Lowering these extends life span in a number of species.

Five years later, KLOTHO (KL-VS) gene overexpression increased longevity in the C. elegans worm through an additional signaling pathway called FGF. This process is now so well established that scientists refer to Klotho protein as a life extension factor or longevity protein.

Prevents Degenerative Diseases 

Because of its many other roles in multiple body systems, Klotho protein - at higher-than-normal levels in mice - prevented muscle atrophy and bone loss, protected against cardiovascular disease and strokes, suppressed tumors, boosted learning and memory, defended against oxidative (free radical) stress, stimulated nitric oxide - which opens up blood vessels - and lowered inflammation.

In their 2016 review, researchers from the National Institutes of Health wrote, "Klotho (the gene and the protein) lies at the intersection of multiple pathways that influence longevity and susceptibility to complex disorders. Identifying the mechanisms by which Klotho influences multiple important pathways is an emerging field in human biology."

You Can Increase Klotho Protein Levels Starting Today 

Klotho is clearly a protein we need more of. Fortunately, increasing your body’s Klotho levels is easy. It starts with regular exercise.

A trial carried out by the University of Pittsburgh demonstrated in humans, both young and old, that "exercise is a potent stimulus to increase plasma Klotho levels..."

Another strategy is to maintain good levels of vitamin D. A human trial concluded that vitamin D "prevented the reduction in plasma Klotho so it may provide a potentially beneficial role in healthy aging and the elderly."

Dr. Ruggiero believes he’s uncovered an even better way.

Quantum Entanglement and Time Dilation

Since he retired as professor of molecular biology at the University of Florence, Dr. Ruggiero has been following his passion - the human microbiome - because he believes a healthy gut is key to a strong immune system. (And it’s important to note that many other leading anti-aging researchers, natural health doctors and scientists agree.)

Dr. Ruggiero had already developed a probiotic yogurt containing immuno-stimulating molecules and 42 microorganisms that we receive at birth. He also went on to develop two other innovative products.

Since Klotho is a complex protein that cannot be boosted by being ingested or injected, he had to use his 35 years of experience to find a way to instruct the body to make the protein itself. He believes his latest innovation achieves this. It's called Immortalis Klotho Formula (IKF).

IKF Restores Cellular Health

IKF is unique because it contains ten species of bacteria, along with vitamin D, vitamin E and chondroitin sulphate. But the uniqueness of the product goes beyond the ingredients.

According to Dr. Ruggiero, IKF relies on a breakthrough process that he describes as biological quantum entanglement and relativistic time dilation at the DNA level, which is triggered by the microbial complex as it engages the human microbiome.

That's quite a mouthful!

In layman’s terms, quantum entanglement allows unconnected cells to communicate with each other, while time dilation slows down time to allow damaged or mutated cells the opportunity to repair themselves fully.

Dr. Ruggiero published three peer-reviewed articles in 2017 to explain this highly complex process but the bottom line, the scientist claims, is that over time IKF "will induce age reversal" with plasma Klotho protein eventually expected to double.

Ultrasound Confirms it Boosts Blood Flow

An ultrasound scan has documented IKF’s actions in the body. After a test subject consumed an IKF capsule, an ultrasound revealed a dramatic increase in blood flow to the person’s organs. This was seen in the spleen, kidneys, liver and brain and corresponded with improved organ function.

People who have taken IKF say they look and feel younger. Benefits reported include more energy, better mental clarity, thicker hair, improved eyesight, less anxiety, faster recovery from surgery, pain reduction, and much more.

However, there are no clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of IKF, only Dr. Ruggiero's science and many testimonials. But for those willing to give it a try, you’ll need to have deep pockets.  A three-month supply costs $2,250 and can be purchased at According to Dr. Ruggiero, the best results with IKF can only be achieved by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle. In fact, Dr Ruggiero strongly recommends a diet similar to many we’ve recommended in this newsletter: a sugar-free, low carbohydrate, mildly ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting every ten days, two liters of water daily as well as regular exercise and sunshine.

This research sounds fascinating but there is not nearly enough information to go on at this time. I want to see human trials. And the idea that the supplement affects the passage of time at the subatomic level sounds pretty wild.
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