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Extend Your Life… With Sugar?!

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Extend Your Life… With Sugar?! about undefined
For years, we’ve heard nothing but bad news about sugar…

It will ruin your heart… your brain… and even your waistline. And it’s all true. But I’m here to tell you there’s actually some GOOD news when it comes to sugar and your health.

In fact, a new study shows that adding a spoonful of sugar to your morning routine can help you live a longer, healthier life. Here’s exactly how to do it.

Most of us don’t need a good reason to add a spoonful of sugar to our morning coffee.

According to new research, adding a spoonful of sugar to your coffee could be the key to a longer life.

The Coffee Study Longevity Scientists are Sweet On 

For the study, scientists analyzed the dietary questionnaire responses of 171,616 participants who did not have known cases of heart disease or cancer. The results showed:
  • 55.4 percent of participants drank coffee black – no sweetener
  • 14.3 percent drank coffee with sugar
  • 6.1 percent drank coffee with artificial sweetener
  • And 24.2 percent did not drink coffee
Next, the researchers divided the coffee drinkers into groups based on how many cups of coffee they drank per day.

During the seven-year study, they found that folks who drank 1.5 to 3.5 cups of caffeinated, sweetened coffee were 31 percent less likely to die than those who did not add sugar or who were non-coffee drinkers. And unsweetened coffee drinkers were up to 21 percent less likely to die than non-drinkers, no matter the amount they consumed.1 “Our study found that adults who drank moderate amounts of coffee sweetened with sugar every day were about 30 percent less likely to die from any cause during the average of seven-year follow-up period compared to non-coffee drinkers,” study author Dan Liu from Southern Medical University says in a statement. “These novel findings are of clinical and public health relevance.”2 It’s also important to mention that the research on artificial sweeteners and death risk was inconclusive.

This means that sweetening your coffee with real sugar might be an easy and delicious way to LIVE LONGER!

However, be warned…

Too Much Sugar is Still Bad for You 

You probably know my take on sugar—it’s bad for you all around. Countless studies have proven it. However, if you do have a sweet tooth, a little sugar in your morning cup of coffee might be the safest way to satiate your craving for something sweet.

Now, this doesn’t give you the green light to drink super-sweetened coffee drinks from the drive-thru. In fact, the research showed that for best results, consume 1.5 to 3.5 cups of sweetened coffee daily. And make sure you’re adding just one spoonful of sugar on average.

Don’t Like Sugar in Your Coffee? No Problem 

Drinking any type of coffee can help lower your risk of dying from any cause, dying from cancer, and dying from heart disease. It can be decaffeinated, instant, or ground coffee taken sweetened or unsweetened.

"The evidence does not suggest a need for most coffee drinkers – particularly those who drink it with no or modest amounts of sugar – to eliminate coffee," wrote Christina C. Wee, MD, MPH, deputy editor of Annals of Internal Medicine. "So drink up – but it would be prudent to avoid too many caramel macchiatos while more evidence brews."

This study shows that taking coffee ¬– just about any way you like – can help extend your life.

And there’s more good news!

Other research shows that drinking coffee can also help you fight diabetes,3 Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and stroke.4 With health benefits like these, there’s no reason to skip your morning joe.

One tip: when possible select an organically grown coffee. This will keep pesticides and other unhealthy chemicals out of your daily brew. When it comes to sugar, organic is the best choice there, too. And don’t forget to keep it to one spoonful per cup.

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